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Master admission requirements

Applicants who wish to graduate in a master degree should complete the overall requirements as follows:

  • General requirement should be completed by students wanting to start a master’s course. These are established in Article 16 of the RD. 1393/2007 and in the Article 7 of UPM´s Graduate Degree requirements. A university degree from a Spanish or EU member /European university is required. The office of the Vice Chancellor, UPM, will versify any degrees from outside Spain/Europe.
  • In order to be admitted students have to complete the overall and specific requirements as follows. Check here the procedures and requirements (by now just in Spanish language)
    Admission must be completed only in the case of first year.
  • Application forms and required documents are available on the webpage and should be submitted to the commission at the ETSI Caminos, Canales y Puertos (School of Roads, Channels and Ports)

Specific requirements

Students who hold a European university degree, with at least 240 ECTS, can access MUSIC, so can architects and engineers and graduate students in technical disciplines.

The commission assesses the students as follows:

  1. Hold university degree, either from Spain or Europe in general. Courses of the completed degree should be at least 240 ECTS.
  2. Graduate or postgraduate degrees in one of the following areas: Architecture, Aerospace Engineering, Forest Engineering, Geological, Mine and similar.
  3. Spanish university degree in Civil Engineer or Public Works.
  4. Spanish university degree qualifying as Architect, Aeronautic Engineer, Industrial Engineer, etc.
  5. Within each category a satisfactory grade in the student record will be taken into account. Also, B2 English level is required
  6. Full time studies are preferable instead to Part-time degrees

Only application forms and documents will be taken into account in order to develop the assessment and selection of students. Candidates should prove their worth using documents, within the dateline and forms established previously. Candidates should show their eligibility by supplying documents, within the deadline using the above mentioned forms.


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