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Inspiring books for engineers Detail Online Shop
Razon y ser de los tipos estructurales/ Masterpiece by Eduardo Torroja

Tierra Sobre El Agua: Vision Historica Universal de Los Puentes  by Leonardo F. Troyano
The Art of Structures by Aurelio Muttoni
Prestressed Concrete Bridges by Christian Mann
Ingegneria come opera d’arte by Javier Manterola
The Conservation and Structural Restoration of Architectural Heritage by Giorgio Croci
The History of the Theory of Structures: From Arch Analysis to Computational Mechanics by K.-E. Kurrer
Why Buildings Fall Down: Why Structures Fail by Mario Salvadori et al.
The Stone Skeleton: Structural Engineering of Masonry Architecture by J. Heyman
La arquitectura del ingeniero by Carlos Fernandez Casado
Form and Forces by Allen and Zalewsky
An Engineer Imagines by Peter Rice
The Tower and the Bridge by David Billington


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