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Officially verified as a University Master by the Spanish Ministry of Education on May 27th 2009; Doctorate  with excellence mention MEE2011-0215 awarded on October 6th 2011 by the Spanish Ministry of Education

Examen de Recuperación de "Métodos de Elementos Finitos"

Jueves 2 de Julio a las 09:00 horas. Aula 23 

Beca postdoctoral en Croacia

Contrato postdoctoral el Pavia (Italia)

IMATI-CNR and the Mathematics Department of the University of Pavia offer a postdoc position on isogeometric analysis. This research project focuses on the design and implementation of innovative isogeometric methods for solid/fluid mechanics.  In particular the target applications are related to
- nearly-incompressible and fibered materials
- fluids in geological formations
This research project is partially supported by the private sector, and is supervised by Annalisa Buffa and Giancarlo Sangalli.

Contrato postdoctoral en UPM

The Computational Mechanics Group at the Technical University of Madrid is seeking a post-doctoral research associate to work in topics related to Computational Fluid Mechanics. Eligible candidates should hold a PhD in Computational Mechanics or Applied Math, with proven expertise in numerical methods for fluids and have a good knowledge of C++ or C.

Conferencia del Dr. Luis Saucedo Mora (Oxford University). 13 de octubre de 2014, 12:30 h, Aula 30

Modelos analíticos y numéricos de fractura en estructuras de materiales quasi-frágiles. Aplicación a elementos armados, reforzados con fibras y con microstructura porosa.

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